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Teens and risky summer driving

On Behalf of | May 14, 2023 | Auto Accidents

The summer represents a time when traffic in Texas may increase significantly. Locals and tourists may vacation travel to various destinations. Many teenagers spend time on the roads during the 100 days of summer and could find themselves at risk of an accident.

Teens and distracted driving

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety points out that when a teen driver has teenage passengers in the vehicle, the fatality risk increases by 51%, a number significantly higher than when older drivers transport passengers. The potential for distracted driving increases when dealing with passengers in a car.

Distracted driving has become a prevalent cause of motor vehicle accidents because a driver can become distracted in many ways. An accident on the roadside may cause a driver to look away from the road, creating a potential hazard. That said, advancements in communications and infotainment technology play a significant role in collisions. Teenagers appreciate their smartphones, apps, and the access an infotainment system provides. Such things could increase the likelihood of a distracted driving crash.

Driving dangers for teens

Lack of experience also factors into why teenagers could be at a greater risk for getting involved in motor vehicle accidents. Avoiding accidents sometimes requires defensive driving skills and familiarity with less-than-optimal road conditions. A teenage driver might lack such abilities.

Parents and other adults could try to help teens become safer drivers by warning them about certain risks. Adding more rules, including when and where the teen may drive, might reduce risks.

More troubling would be how limited experience leads a teen driver to take risks behind the wheel. Speeding contributes to many fatal accidents annually. Other reckless actions behind the wheel may also cause a catastrophic crash. Teen and adult drivers whose reckless behavior leads to accidents might face serious civil claims and criminal charges.