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Admiralty And Maritime Law Is Complex

Whether you are a tankerman, boat captain, maritime crew member, oil rig worker, longshoreman, commercial fisherman, cruise ship employee, coastal engineer, dockhand, warehouse coordinator or harbor worker, your job is critical to this country’s economy. But maritime work is hard and often dangerous. Explosions, chemical exposure, falls from rigging, equipment failure, uneven freight loads and heavy weather are just a few of the many reasons catastrophic injuries occur.

When you have temporary or permanent injuries and cannot return to work, it can be stressful as you consider how you will pay for your household expenses as well as your medical bills without a paycheck. Maritime law is complex. If you or a loved one is a maritime worker and has onshore or offshore workplace injuries, you need an experienced advocate to help you understand your right to financial compensation and benefits the law provides for admiralty and maritime workers.

I am attorney Manuel Gonzales, and I am here to help you seek financial compensation to pay for your medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost and future wages, and pain and suffering.

Maritime Laws Protect Injured Workers

Because working at sea and other waterways on oil rigs and commercial vessels, or on docks and at ports is hazardous with unpredictable danger, maritime laws are in place to ensure workers or their families get the compensation they need when serious injuries and death occur. I help injured workers and their families explore their legal options and enforce their rights to compensation and full benefits available through:

This list is not exhaustive. My services for admiralty law claims are on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no fees to me unless I recover compensation for you.

Speak With An Experienced Admiralty And Maritime Lawyer

I offer compassion, knowledge and aggressive representation to help workers in the Port of Corpus Christi as well those injured in other waterways in Texas and throughout the nation with their admiralty law claims. To schedule a free consultation with me, please call my law firm, Manuel Gonzales, PC, at CALL or contact me online through my website. Please let me know if you are too injured to meet in my office and require a home or hospital visit. My phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Se habla español.