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After Accidents

Standing Up For Injured Motorcyclists And Pedestrians

Motorcyclists and pedestrians travel quite differently, but they have one thing in common: After a motorcyclist or pedestrian has been hit by a car, drivers often claim they “did not see” the motorcycle or bike. This type of inattentive driving can result in serious injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering for my clients. At my law firm of Manuel Gonzales, PC, in Houston, I help injured bikers, walkers and runners obtain the money they seek for their injuries.

Were you injured while riding your motorcycle, walking or running? You need a personal injury attorney who can fight the insurance company for the money you deserve. Call me, Houston attorney Manuel Gonzales, at 866-517-1689 to schedule your free initial consultation. I will help you stand up for your rights and the compensation that you’re entitled to receive.

Hurt By A Negligent Driver?

I am a skilled personal injury lawyer who has an in-depth understanding of how the insurance industry values claims and how to get the most money out of your personal injury claim.

As an experienced attorney, I encourage you to seek medical attention immediately after the accident. For some injured people, this may be obvious. Perhaps you were taken to the emergency room (ER) in an ambulance. For others, this may not be so obvious. You may feel shaken up and a little “out of it,” but you might not necessarily be in pain. It is important to know that some injuries, including head injuries, may not be apparent at first glance and can take a few hours or days to manifest. Get to a doctor as soon as you can so that your medical care can be documented. When your physical condition is clearly understood and documented, it is much easier to assess the long-term implications and costs of the injury.

I seek money to reimburse medical bills and lost wages as well as compensation for pain and suffering and other losses.

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If you have been injured while riding your motorcycle, walking or running, call Manuel Gonzales, PC, to schedule your free initial consultation with me. I can be reached by calling 866-517-1689, and you can also contact my firm online.

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