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Drivers have control over the top causes of collisions

On Behalf of | May 12, 2023 | Auto Accidents

When looking at the top causes of motor vehicle collisions, there are clear patterns that emerge. Some factors, like inclement weather, are outside of an individual’s control. Other factors that contribute to a crash reflect the decisions made by an individual motorist. 

Small mistakes at the wheel can culminate in devastating collisions, complicated insurance claims and severe injuries. Three of the top causes of major collisions are under the control of the motorists involved. These include:

1. Distractions

Although verifying the exact number of distracted drivers is difficult, safety experts estimate that distraction may now be one of the top causes of serious and fatal collisions in the United States. Mobile devices are a constant risk, as are meals enjoyed at the wheel and even conversations with passengers and or children in the vehicle. Distraction costs thousands of people their lives each year. 

2. Chemical impairment

A surprising number of motorists decide to drive after drinking, consuming illegal drugs or taking prescription medication that will affect their ability at the wheel. A significant percentage of major collisions, including those that result in injury and death, involve at least one motorist under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering drugs.

3. Excess speed

Speeding seems like a harmless infraction, and many people decry the decision of law enforcement authorities to issue citations for speeding in fractions. However, excess speed has a strong relationship with some of the worst collisions that occur, including deadly pedestrian crashes. 

Motorists who adjust their behavior to reflect these risks can potentially stay a bit safer on the road. Knowing the causes of motor vehicle collisions and also how to demand compensation after one is valuable knowledge for the average driver in Texas.