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Do people recover any mobility after a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Fatal Accidents And Catastrophic Injuries

Medical advances in recent years have significantly increased treatment options for a variety of previously untreatable medical conditions and helped people improve their quality of life as well. Research into the human nervous system has led to some incredible advances in diagnostic technology and treatment options for people with numerous different medical conditions. 

Spinal cord injuries have always been among the most feared and debilitating injuries that people acquire. Is recovery from a spinal cord injury now possible thanks to advances in medicine? 

Incomplete injuries may respond to treatment

Medical professionals generally classify spinal cord injuries into two categories. Complete injuries sever the spinal cord and permanently end physical sensation and motor control below the injury site. Incomplete injuries may involve the pinching or partial tearing of the spinal cord. 

Someone with an incomplete injury who receives appropriate stabilization after the initial trauma and appropriate medical care could eventually recover some function with occupational and physical therapy. The cost for such treatment is often hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of multiple years, which means that those with spinal cord injuries often need to look into their options for compensation. 

For those with complete injuries, there is hope on the horizon after cutting-edge breakthroughs, but such treatment is not yet widely available for the average individual. Those with spinal cord injuries can generally anticipate significant medical expenses and often a change in earning potential as well. Those who receive more therapeutic support may have an easier time living independently. 

Understanding the treatment options after a diagnosis of a catastrophic injury can help people plan the best path forward.