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2 reasons that crashes and other accidents lead to amputation

On Behalf of | May 10, 2023 | Fatal Accidents And Catastrophic Injuries

Amputation or the loss of a limb or extremity is one of the most debilitating medical experiences someone could have. Motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of modern amputations, although they take second place to amputations necessitated by medical issues like diabetes. 

The aftermath of a car crash could lead to limb loss and the often costly and difficult recovery that follows an amputation. Why do car crashes cause so many amputations? 

1. The sheer force of the collision is extreme

When two motor vehicles collide, a massive exchange of energy occurs. The faster the rate of speed of the vehicles involved in the crash and also the greater their overall weight, the more momentum they will have and therefore the more extreme the collision will be. 

In certain cases, including scenarios involving semi-trucks striking passenger vehicles, the force of the collision can be enough to cause a traumatic amputation at the scene of the crash. The type of crash and someone’s placement at the time of the wreck will influence their likelihood of suffering such an injury.

2. Crashes often lead to crushing injuries

Quite a few people who lose a limb or extremity after a car crash don’t experience an immediate traumatic amputation at the scene of the wreck but instead experience a surgical or medical amputation. 

Especially in rollover collisions, the injuries to someone’s arms, legs, hands or feet may be so severe that doctors cannot repair the damaged tissue. Crushing injuries that cause comminuted fractures and soft tissue damage may sometimes necessitate amputation because the body will be incapable of recovering from the damage inflicted. 

In scenarios involving traumatic and surgical amputations, the people affected often have massive medical bills and a significant loss of income to account for after the crash. Pursuing a personal injury claim is often necessary for those who have catastrophic injuries following a car wreck.