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Texas workers’ compensation for eye injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Almost any type of eye injury that occurs on the job in Texas can qualify for workers’ compensation payments. Across the United States, approximately 20,000 workers receive eye injuries annually. Generally, these injuries fall into four main categories.


Projectile eye injuries occur when something flies and hits a worker who is not wearing proper eye protection in the eye. Construction workers and others in the trades are often most at risk. Particles may include dust, concrete, metal or wood. Often, these particles scratch the cornea.


Getting particular chemicals in the eyes can injure them. The injury can come from direct contact, but sometimes, the fumes are enough to cause eye injury. Laboratory workers are often most at risk, but anyone who must work with chemicals can be injured by exposure to some chemicals.


Exposure to many types of radiation and lasers can cause eye injuries. Often, the damage only shows up after a period of time. Prolonged exposure can cause problems with visual acuity. Radiation can also cause tumors to grow in the worker’s eyes. Those in the medical field are often at the highest risk.

Bloodborne pathogens

Getting bloodborne pathogens in the eye can result in many diseases, including HIV, hepatitis C virus, influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome, herpes B virus, plague, and Ebola. Nurses and other healthcare workers are especially at risk. While some injuries occur in operating rooms, many occur while giving bedside care.

Eye injuries can be divided into four main categories, but they are all covered by workers’ compensation if the damage occurs on the job.