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Spring driving brings internal injury risks

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Auto Accidents, Fatal Accidents And Catastrophic Injuries

Drivers could make a mistake if they assume a short drive on a clear day won’t result in an accident. No matter the time of the year or the driving conditions, collisions happen on Texas roads. During the spring and summer seasons, there might be an uptick. Sadly, some of those accidents could result in life-threatening internal injuries to the victim.

Spring time and injury risks

Spring could be dangerous because many drivers, tired of winter, take to the roads. More vehicles on the roads may contribute to increased accidents and resulting injuries. Spring weather might involve downpours capable of making roads hazardous.

And then there’s a less well-known reason for accidents. The switch to Daylight Saving Time could bother sleeping patterns. A tired driver might cause an otherwise avoidable crash.

Some crashes leave totaled vehicles and badly injured victims. Someone with head lacerations and a broken arm likely knows they require immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, a victim with internal injuries might not know how badly they are hurt.

Internal injuries and health risks

Persons involved in auto accidents may suffer damage to their internal organs without knowing it. The victim might not survive without immediate medical attention, depending on the specific injury. Internal bleeding and other complications might be present.

There are other types of internal injuries the victim could experience. A victim might suffer a broken neck and not know. Continually moving with a broken neck may risk permanent paralysis.

A trip to the emergency room might be highly advisable after a car accident. A doctor might uncover a problem that requires surgery or another extensive treatment. Afterward, the medical reports could become evidence in a civil lawsuit against the negligent party.