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Know your rights if you’re injured in a maritime accident

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Longshore/Maritime Accidents

Working on the ocean or other large bodies of water near Texas exposes you to the threat of a maritime accident. Mishaps can occur quickly with cranes, ships, oil rigs or other large equipment.

Commercial fishing

Several factors can cause an accident when you’re on a commercial fishing boat. Even if you’re experienced, harsh weather can cause you to fall overboard or create severe damage to the vessel you’re on. Being involved in a maritime accident and getting injured while commercial fishing can be devastating if the injuries are severe.

Offshore oil rigs

Working on an offshore oil rig can be dangerous and lead to the occurrence of a maritime accident. There are several complexities involved in this operation, which include heavy machinery. A negligent act that’s minor can lead to severe consequences if you get injured.

Ship grounding

Marine environments are constantly changing. Taking a ship on top of the water poses a risk of grounding if a problem occurs. When a ship hits the ground, it can cause a significant jolt and disruption, which may cause injuries to your body. Being involved in this accident can lead to an injury fast.

Shipyard accidents

Fitting and welding accidents can cause injury quickly if you’re working in a shipyard assembling and constructing a vessel. Other injuries can also occur due to the poisonous fumes in the environment due to welding or other processes used to complete a ship’s construction.

Maritime accidents due to drugs and alcohol

Getting injured in a maritime accident due to the negligence of others who are using drugs and alcohol can be challenging. The problem worsens if you’re unable to work for a long period of time during recovery.

The injury may be devastating enough to leave you permanently disabled in some cases. Knowing your rights when injured in a maritime accident is essential if you want to pursue compensation.