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What are the most common warehouse work injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Texas residents who work in warehouses have a right to safe working conditions. However, certain injuries are common in warehouses. These accidents can lead to more workers’ comp claims.

Forklift accidents

One of the worst types of warehouse injuries involves workers being injured or even crushed by heavy machinery. Forklift accidents rank as one of the most common. Even if a worker survives such a catastrophic accident, they can be left seriously disabled. Remaining aware at all times and being adequately trained at operating a forklift or even being around it can reduce the risks.

Slips, trips and falls

Many warehouse injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls occur. Workers are most likely to get injured while slipping on slick floors after spills or tripping over objects left out in the open. Uneven surfaces and poorly lit areas can also lead to slip and fall injuries. The workplace area should be left clear at all times to prevent accidents. If there’s a clean-up spot that needs to dry, there should be clear markings or hazard cones placed in the area.

Falling objects

Falling objects in the warehouse can seriously injure workers. The heavier the object, the more likely it is that the injury will be serious. However, even a smaller, lighter object hitting a worker from a distance high above can result in injuries that are bad enough that the employee must file a workers’ compensation claim. Cylinder-shaped objects, in particular, should be carefully watched when being loaded onto shelves as they’re most likely to roll off and fall.

Warehouse fires

Warehouse fires can occur without the proper safety precautions in place. Workers can be left with burn injuries that could be severe. Anything flammable should be stored in the right place to prevent a potential accidental fire. Frayed, worn extension cords should be replaced with new ones. There should be fire exits, extinguishers and alarms present.

With the right safety precautions in the warehouse, workers can be safer.