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Dangerous gases in the workplace

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Many Texas workers in manufacturing and industrial occupations are commonly exposed to harmful environments. Hazardous chemicals and other potentially airborne dangers are regularly used in a wide variety of applications and production situations, ranging from mineral spirits to gases that are used and emitted through constantly in work environments. And while employers are often very serious about providing respirators and ensuring that workers use the protective gear they are given, it is very difficult to control the entire environment for these vulnerable workers. And, gases are chief among these airborne work environment hazards.

Gas exposure

Many industrial chemicals put off gases of various types that can be harmful to the respiratory health of employees. Injuries can occur in specific accident situations, or they can happen incrementally over time when certain chemicals are used on a daily basis by a particular group of employees. Workers’ compensation attorneys throughout Texas have represented many workers with respiratory illnesses that also commonly do long term damage even to workers in open air oil fields.

Additional vapors

Respiratory injury from other vapors is also a very common workers’ compensation claim in Texas, with many coming from occupations that require workers be in a confined area while performing job duties. These injuries can result in long-term exposure damage, but can also be the result of over-concentration of a particular chemical in close proximity in a short-term duty situation.

It is important for all Texas workers to be aware of potential dangers when they are working around machinery and dangerous odor-emitting chemicals during their entire work shift. Additionally, always wear any protective gear that is provided by employers as required by the Texas Occupational Safety and Health Administration in avoiding airborne work environment hazards. Gas and vapor exposure is a constant concern in certain work environments.