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Injured By A Third Party At Work?

In some instances in which a work accident has occurred, someone other than a co-worker or employer may be responsible. In these types of work accidents, a personal injury lawsuit may be pursued against a third party. I am attorney Manuel Gonzales, and I represent injured workers in third-party liability claims.

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You May Be Entitled To Additional Compensation

Workers’ compensation entitles injured workers to certain types of income and medical benefits. I am skilled at uncovering additional sources of monetary compensation when a third party’s negligence caused the accident and injuries. If you received medical treatment under workers’ compensation insurance, this will help determine the level of damages you can be awarded against a third party.

An Example of Third-Party Liability

At a construction site, there are many different subcontractors on-site at any given time. If a worker from one company is injured by a defective product, sustains a head injury from another company’s falling equipment or is injured in any way by third-party negligence, that construction worker may be able to obtain a third-party settlement.

I provide comprehensive help to hard-working Texans. If you have been injured at work in any way, do not hesitate to talk to me. I can assess your case, determine if you have a third-party claim and proceed with a reliable strategy to get the money you deserve.

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