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Why drunk drivers are so dangerous to others

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Every driver was informed of the dangers of drunk driving before they got behind the wheel, as it’s one of the most oft-repeated warnings. Unfortunately, some drivers never seem to get the message. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately one person dies every 45 minutes in drunk-driving crashes in the US. This is an alarming statistic. 

Sharing the road with a drunk driver can be worrying, as they can lead you to an accident. Here is how this can happen.


A drunk driver may have poor muscle coordination. It can be challenging for them to coordinate their eyes, hands and legs. As a result, they may swerve, which can cause an accident, especially if you are behind them. 

Erratic speeds

When a driver is drunk, they may believe everyone notices. In an effort to avoid being detected by the police, they can overcompensate by trying so hard to maintain a speed that won’t attract attention. That can lead to erratic accelerations and decelerations that don’t make sense for the traffic flow. When they believe they are too slow, they will speed up suddenly, and vice versa. If you are behind such a driver when they increase the speed and you do the same, you can hit them if they suddenly decelerate again.


A drunk driver may lead you to an accident if they tailgate you. When they are close to your vehicle, and you brake, perhaps at a stop sign, or when traffic is heavy, they may crash into you.  

Knowing how to spot a drunk driver can help you avoid alcohol-related crashes — but it won’t absolutely prevent them. Drunk drivers engage in risky behaviors that can lead to accidents. If you are injured by such a driver, you should consider your options to receive the compensation you deserve.