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How workers’ comp offer better protection than health insurance

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

People get hurt on the job all the time in Texas. There are job risks in every job, from beginning positions in the retail sector to professional drivers working for transportation companies. 

Most of the workers injured on the job will have the protection of workers’ compensation coverage, but a surprising percentage will choose not to use those benefits and will instead try to cover their costs using their health insurance and possibly the paid leave benefits offered by their employer. 

That approach may seem like a good move for someone committed to their employment and loyal to the company where they work, but it will actually probably cost them quite a bit of money. 

Workers’ compensation doesn’t pass on the costs

Most health insurance policies impose a number of patient responsibility costs. Obviously, the worker and possibly their employer will contribute toward a monthly premium for their coverage. When a worker needs healthcare, they may have to pay a sizable deductible first. 

Even after meeting their insurance deductible, they will still have to pay a flat fee called a co-pay every time they go to an appointment, seek care at a hospital or obtain a prescription from a pharmacy. Additionally, many health insurance policies also assess co-insurance, which requires that a patient pay a specific percentage of their total medical bills. 

Workers’ compensation in Texas doesn’t pass on any such costs to the employees requiring treatment and will instead provide full coverage until a doctor confirms that someone has recovered or achieved maximum medical improvement for their condition. 

Understanding and making use of workers’ compensation benefits can help those recently injured on the job reduce their financial losses.