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The scope of catastrophic injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Fatal Accidents And Catastrophic Injuries

Someone may hear standard legal and medical terms, but knowing a term and fully understanding it are not the same. For example, news reports might mention that Texas accident victims suffer from catastrophic injuries, but they might not think whiplash is catastrophic. While serious, whiplash would not be as devastating or as costly as injuries that permanently alter someone’s life.

The scope of catastrophic injuries

A catastrophic injury has a tremendous impact on someone’s life. A person who suffers a stroke after a head injury might experience significant paralysis and not requires extensive assistance to perform routine life tasks.

Sometimes, the injury causes constant, excruciating pain that leaves the person relying on prescription pills to alleviate an unbearable condition. Other accidents might cause severed spinal cords or blindness.

Sadly, some tragic accidents lead to death, as is the case with many vehicle collisions. However, other types of accidents, even a sidewalk slip-and-fall mishap, could cause brain damage or death.

Questions and costs associated with catastrophic injuries

Catastrophic injuries may require several surgeries to treat, and there might be an extensive rehabilitation period required afterward. A person might need his or her home renovated to accommodate significant disabilities, which add further costs to post-accident life.

The injuries may permanently impair life functions, including the ability to make a living. A construction worker could suffer career-ending harm that causes significant future financial losses.

Legal options could exist when someone suffers injuries due to another person’s negligence. A successful lawsuit against a liable product manufacturer or an insurance claim against a negligent driver might provide compensation to cover the losses that have been incurred.