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Tesla introduces video games for drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Auto Accidents

The Tesla brand might be the most well-known among electric car consumers. A new software update may draw even more customers to the models while also worrying other drivers on Texas streets and highways. The new upgrade allows drivers to play video games, potentially increasing accidents due to distractions.

Video games and vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may take action over legitimate concerns over Telsa’s videogaming controversy. Adding video gameplay as an option on a Tesla display screen could garner much publicity in tech media, but the costs could be enormous. Drivers concerned more about scoring on a video game or otherwise engaging with interactive web browsing could lead to a fatal crash.

Attempts to cater to the technology enthusiast market sometimes drive decisions to add sophisticated advancements to vehicles. Often, the technology improves safety, as seen with blind spot monitors and cross-traffic alerts. However, many consumers prefer technology designed to make a daily commute or long drive less monotonous. Improvements in infotainment systems attempt to meet these demands. The inclusion of video games inside the vehicle may court disaster, though.

Distracted driving and collisions

Distracted driving occurs when a driver’s attention diverts from the road. Engaging in conversations, rubbernecking, talking on the phone, or sending text messages may lead to distractions. So might taking one’s hands of the wheel to eat, drink, adjust clothing, and more. Awareness campaigns focusing on distracted driving typically address common bad habits drivers perform. Activists likely did not expect to discover a car manufacturer would add video games as a distracting option for drivers.

Drivers who embrace distractions could be liable for collisions. Anyone playing video games while driving may face a huge judgment if it causes a severe collision.