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Astroworld disaster leads to legal action against event organizers

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Firm News

My office is representing several individuals who were injured while attending the Astroworld Festival 2021. If you were injured while attending or working the Astroworld Festival 2021 speak with one of our attorneys today.

A crowd crush disaster at Astroworld, a festival founded by rapper Travis Scott and organized by event management company Live Nation, claimed the lives of eight individuals November 5. The victims, identified by their families recently, ranged in age from 9 – 27 and came from as close as Houston and as far away as Washington to attend the festival.  This was not the first time there were issues with the Astroworld Festival event. In 2019 three people were trampled and hospitalized. In 2021, the show was sold out and by 9pm the mass casualty event was unfolding. People were killed, people were trampled and crushed and many of those injured are experiencing mental injuries.

Houston authorities are investigating the cause of the crush and its effects. In addition to the fatalities, many concertgoers were injured and even hospitalized. The crush occurred during Scott’s set on the opening night, just after he appeared on stage, though signs of overcrowding had allegedly begun to appear up to a half-hour beforehand.

There are already several lawsuits against Scott and event organizers, filed by individuals and family members of individuals who attended the festival. The lawsuits allege physical injuries as well as emotional distress and trauma.

Previous legal issues with Travis Scott’s performances

This is not the first time Scott’s concerts have led to legal trouble for the performer. Scott has allegedly encouraged concertgoers to form mosh pits and even drop from balconies into the crowd below. In 2017, Scott was sued by a concertgoer who was paralyzed after an injury at one of his concerts that involved a crowd surge.