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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Industrial workers can suffer job-related illnesses or injuries

Industrial work is hard. Factory workers are often required to work at a fast pace near very dangerous equipment. There are instances in which the desire to make a profit comes before the desire to keep workers safe. That puts workers at an increased risk of being injured.

Fatal refinery accident involves a falling pipe

Texans are, unfortunately, not strangers to oil field related accident reports. When you hear about a fatal accident at a rig or refinery site, you might immediately picture explosions or fire. Though fire is certainly a risk for workers dealing with volatile substances, other types of accidents can and do injure or kill oil field workers.

Older workers are still entitled to workers' compensation

Reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics say that 20 percent of American workers are over the age of 65, and estimates are that as many as 20 percent of employees by 2020 will be over the age of 55. Economic concerns and sandwich generation needs mean more people are extending work years into traditional retirement years, and that means the workforce itself is aging.

Ladder falls can lead to serious injuries, considerable expense

Thinking of industrial accidents might bring up images of workers being caught in machinery and other similar accidents. It might surprise some people to know that falls form ladders are the leading cause of death from falls. In fact, around 300 people die because of falling from ladders each year in this country. More than 500,000 people are treated for injuries from falling off a ladder.

What are the most common worker injuries?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most common type of workplace injuries that cause employees to be absent from their work are those related to tears, sprains or strains of the muscles. In 2012, those types of injuries accounted for 38 percent of reported injuries.

An important lesson to learn from fertilizer plant settlement

Accidents at work that result in workers suffering burns can be some of the most serious accidents. Fires in a business, such as a restaurant grease fire, can lead to very serious burns. Workers in the industrial sector who work with chemicals might be at an increased risk of explosions occurring at work. In all of these cases, the workers who are harmed in the fire or explosion might end up with very serious medical conditions. In some cases, the worker might suffer from injuries so bad that they die.

Why should industrial workers care about brain injury?

Industrial workers are trained on safety measures in the workplace, especially if they work with dangerous chemicals or machines. But falls and other injuries are just as likely in such environments, and can lead to major injuries. One type of injury that could impact industrial workers is traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

Young man dies in crane accident at Jefferson Energy Terminal

Safety procedures are a must when people are working around heavy equipment, dangerous substances and other hazards. All of the established safety procedures that companies institute or are supposed to institute are meant to protect employees. It doesn't matter if the employees are actual employees or contract employees, the safety procedures are meant to protect them all.

DuPont receives citations for fatal accident that killed 4

Keeping the workplace safe is something that employers are responsible for doing. When employers fail to uphold that responsibility, the employees working at the business can get hurt or even killed. A recent story regarding the DuPont facility highlights just how serious a failure to uphold this requirement can be.

Oil refinery fatal accidents and Texas workers

Many Texas residents are employed in the oil industry, some of whom work at one of the state's several oil refineries. The jobs are relatively high-paying, drawing numerous workers who risk serious injury in their jobs. Because those in this occupation necessarily work around explosive and hazardous materials as well as around heavy machinery, these workplaces are particularly dangerous by the nature of the work required.

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