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Three main factors dominate large truck accidents

Getting into an accident with another car is dangerous enough, but if your car is struck by a large truck, there's almost no way that you're going to walk away unscathed.

Truck drivers, by the nature of their job, should be among the safest in the nation. They have to undergo extra training just to get their commercial driver's license and they have to adhere to stricter standards than regular drivers. However, large truck accidents continue to plague the nation's highways in numbers that don't seem to be reasonable.

Several government agencies teamed up to find out the most common reasons that large trucks end up in crashes and what sort of toll those crashes are taking.

The results of their study were actually painfully grim:

  • Out of the accidents examined, 963 crashes caused 1,654 injuries and 249 deaths. That means 25 percent of crashes involving a large truck are likely to result in someone's death.
  • The majority of accidents, 77 percent, involving large trucks included a semi pulling a single trailer.
  • Trucks pulling hazardous materials did much better than the average large truck diver -- ending up in only 5 percent of crashes.
  • Out of the representative sample, the vast majority of accidents (73 percent) were caused by the truck hitting another vehicle.

In addition to the general statistics above, the study concluded that there were three types of events almost guaranteed to result in an accident with a large truck:

  • The truck ran out of road. Either the large truck didn't merge lanes in a timely manner or went off the side of the road for some reason.
  • The driver of the truck lost control -- whether due to a shifting load, mechanical failure, excessive speed, or poor driving conditions.
  • The truck rear-ended the vehicle in front of it.

Looking at the three major causes of large truck accidents, it's easy to see where truck drivers could be more cautious. They could slow down, take lane shifts more cautiously, pay better attention to how their load is packed, the travel conditions, and the car in front of them.

Anyone injured in a large truck accident should seek legal advice. For more information on how our firm might be able to help you after a serious accident with a truck, please visit our page.

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