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Common causes of Houston workplace accidents

Workplace accidents happen all too often in just about every industry imaginable. Some are entirely avoidable, while others simply cannot be avoided no matter how many safety precautions are in place. Here are some of the most common causes of workplace accidents in Houston, Texas.

One of the most common causes of a workplace accident is the lifting of a heavy item. This accident can lead to injuries that include muscle sprains, tears or strains. Lifting objects that are too heavy can also lead to trip and fall accidents that can cause broken bones and other injuries.

Poor lighting is another common cause of workplace accidents in Houston. Workers operating in a poorly or dimly lit area can trip over objects around them, miss steps and even fall into holes on construction sites. Poor lighting can result in serious injury and even death depending on the fall it causes.

Employees who fail to take a break while working, or who are not allowed to take a break, can suffer from fatigue. Fatigue can be a very dangerous thing on a worksite, especially when it comes to operating heavy machinery. Take breaks when they are permitted and energize your body. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Hazardous materials are present at almost any worksite, even if they are not readily available or visible. Signs are required to be posted by employers as to what hazards are on the site and where they are located. Hazardous materials can lead to illness, injury and even death.

Another leading cause of workplace accidents in Texas is the age-old slip and fall. Slip-and-fall accidents occur when wet spots or puddles are not properly taken care of. They can also occur when a worker simply trips coming down the steps or trips over an item left in the middle of a walking path.

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