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How do car accident investigations work?

Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury in the state of Texas each year. The severity can range from minor to severe, leading to minor bumps and bruises to death. Not every car accident will result in an investigation, but those that do take time to complete. So, how do car accident investigations work?

Even though not all accidents will result in a full-blown investigation, it is still required by law to report any accident involving bodily injury or damage to the local police. If you physically can cooperate, be sure to talk with responding officers and provide them as much detail as possible about the accident. The details you provide should include time, location, injuries and damage. All police reports, no matter the severity of the accident, are available upon request.

A separate investigation into the accident might be launched by one or more insurance companies. The insurance companies will look to determine whether or not they will cover damages incurred, legal liability and determine fault. An investigation by an insurance company could take anywhere from weeks to months to conclude. This means that you could be incurring thousands of dollars of medical and other expenses waiting for an answer.

Independent investigations into car accidents in Houston, Texas, are also possible for all those involved. This can be done by yourself or with the help of an experienced car accidents attorney. You will want to take pictures of the vehicles involved at the scene if you are physically able to do so. The pictures should also include the condition of the roads, the visibility and other items that could have played a factor into the accident.

Collect witness statements while on the scene of the accident or ask people to speak with police if they stop to help. It is possible you will be contacted by investigators from the police, other insurance companies and the attorneys of others involved. Be careful what responses you provide and any information you share. You do not want to implicate yourself or rid the other person of any wrongdoing.

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