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What is driving the high rate of fatal crashes in Texas?

According to numbers published by the Council of Texas, the number of fatalities in vehicle crashes in the state during 2016 was 3,757. That's an average of more than 10 fatalities per day on the road. On top of those numbers, more than 260,000 people were injured in road accidents in the state during the same time period. With vehicle safety mechanisms getting increasingly better at saving lives, many wonder what is leading to the continued preponderance of danger on the road.

Law enforcement officials note that not everyone uses all the safety mechanisms at their disposal when driving or riding as a passenger. The point to a lack of seat belt use as one reason so many fatalities occur. While wearing a seat belt doesn't provide 100 percent protection, seat belts are proven to reduce the chance of fatalities in accidents.

Other reasons for a high rate of deaths on the road include drivers traveling at unsafe speeds. While this often means that drivers were speeding -- traveling above the posted limit -- in some weather conditions, the posted limits might not be safe. Drivers should always use common sense and drive according to the conditions of the road.

Distracted driving and driving while intoxicated are two other factors that law enforcement points to that lead to increased accidents, injuries and fatalities. Distracted driving is often associated with texting or using a cell phone while driving. However, you can be distracted by other activities in the car. Some common activities that can distract from driving include adjusting the radio or parenting children.

When fatal accidents occur on Texas roads, it's a tragic outcome for families and loved ones. While seeking financial compensation for your loss won't be able to replace that loss, it can help grieving loved ones find some closure and financial support to help them move forward.

Source: Insurance Journal, "Texas a Leader in Fatal Crashes, Alcohol-Impaired Driving," Feb. 15, 2017

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