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Truck accident involved dangerous combo of illegal actions

When you hear that a commercial driver was at fault in an 18-wheeler accident, a number of common causes immediately come to mind. Perhaps the driver was fatigued because he violated hours-of-service rules. Perhaps there were vehicle maintenance issues. Perhaps he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Any of these three factors alone can easily cause a fatal truck accident (and victims in harm's way are almost always occupants of smaller vehicles). But in one recent case, a truck driver may have been guilty of all three. And as fate would have it, the vehicle that the truck driver struck was a state trooper's car.

According to news sources, the rear-end collision occurred in Pennsylvania. The officer whose vehicle was struck survived the crash with treatable injuries, and has already been released from the hospital. The truck driver, on the other hand, is in jail.

Law enforcement officials say that the truck driver was under the influence of both alcohol and cocaine when he slammed into the smaller vehicle. Upon further investigation, police also found that the driver was likely in violation of hours-of-service regulations. He had been driving for 13 hours consecutively; 2 hours longer than the limit. The driver had also been cited in the past for logbook violations.

Finally, a search into the driver's vehicle records revealed that last year, he was cited for 21 vehicle violations, including violations related to brakes, tires and lights.

Commercial drivers have a serious responsibility not just to their employers, but to everyone else on the road. These giant vehicles must be serviced regularly, driven safely and operated in accordance with all laws and regulations. Thankfully, this dangerous truck driver likely won't be behind the wheel anytime soon. But there are others like him, and they need to be removed from service before they seriously injure or kill other drivers.

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