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Texas teen drivers not as safe as teens in other states

According to WalletHub, a website that creates annual driving safety statistics regarding teenagers, Texas ranks low on the list in terms of keeping its teenage drivers safe. The website looks at several factors for ranking states on teen driver safety. Those are driving laws, safety conditions and economic environment.

As for driving laws, Texas has some of the strictest and most effective and drunk driving laws in the nation, and ranked with an average level of enforcement of DUI laws. Also, it ranked high in laws designed to protect passengers of vehicles. However, Texas ranked low in terms of the average cost to repair vehicles and road quality -- factors that can also contribute to accidents.

However, perhaps the most troubling part of the statistics was the fact that Texas ranked at the bottom of the list when it comes to laws that prevent distracted driving. We all know how much of a problem distracted driving is for many teens, many of whom are constantly glued to their digital devices.

According to a professor at Pennsylvania State University, the biggest concern these days is distraction -- particularly by technology and other people that are in the vehicle. As far as creating stricter laws, however, a University of Texas police officer offers his wisdom on the matter, that laws are a vital step in the right direction to combat distracted driving, but education is also essential. The officer said that real prevention has more to do with educating the public -- and having safer alternatives to the dangerous behavior -- than it does with the laws that have been created.

Texas teenagers, and Texas adults, who have been harmed by distracted drivers may not immediately realize that a distracted driver was the cause of their vehicle accident. As such, those hurt in car crashes may want to discuss the facts of their cases with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine what may have occurred.

Source: The Daily Texan, "Teen driving safety conditions in Texas average compared to other states," Catherine Marfin, accessed Nov. 04, 2016

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