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Will hot air balloon victims' families have chance at justice?

Late last month, what was supposed to be a joyful recreational hot air balloon ride in Lockhart turned into a severe tragedy. Sixteen people died in a hot air balloon explosion, leaving behind loved ones who are likely trying to simply cope emotionally with their unexpected losses. 

Sources report that the balloon likely flew into power lines, caught on fire and exploded. No one who was in the balloon, including its driver, survived the accident. Along with the emotional struggles faced by the families left behind, they will likely struggle when seeking the justice they believe they deserve in the wake of their loss. 

Where might the families go in order to find the compensation and closure they are looking for? In accident cases, the system tends to look at the operator of a vehicle -- the person's whose actions likely caused the crash. In this potential wrongful death case, the balloon operator didn't survive. 

He did, however, work for a company that might be held liable for the driver's actions. Sources warn that the company's insurance plan probably will not be able (or even willing) to provide compensation that would satisfy the family members who might sue for their loss. 

Other areas of potential liability could be the party who kept up and fixed the balloon. Was something faulty on the aircraft? Was it safe to fly? Maybe there was something wrong with the power lines that contributed to the devastation. 

Right now, there are more questions than answers following what is dubbed "the country's worst balloon crash." Whether someone has lost a loved one to a balloon accident, a DUI crash or a truck accident, a personal injury lawyer is an invaluable source to help answer their questions and to clarify the questions that seriously need to be answered.

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