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Handling dangerous tools safety on constructions sites

Construction sites are full of dangerous equipment and tools. Proper training, use of tools and tool maintenance is critical to keeping everyone as safe as possible in such an environment. Even with all of those things, accidents are still possible, which makes it important to understand how to respond to a workplace accident and what to do following an injury to seek workers' compensation. A workers' compensation lawyer can help you understand where to start.

Popular Mechanics identified a number of the most dangerous tools people use, and table saws, nail guns and ladders were at the top of the list. Ladders are often used on construction sites, and dangers associated with them include falls from the ladder or being hit with something dropped from the ladder. Tips for working safely with ladders include leaning longer ladders against structures in a way that is safe, using safety harnesses and lines when appropriate, working in pairs so someone supports the ladder and wearing a toolbelt to carry items so both hands are free when climbing the ladder.

Nail gun accidents can result in punctures and even damage to internal organs. When using a nail gun, you should always wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection, and use common-sense precautions. Keep body parts away from areas where misfired nails might hit, and follow manufacturer instructions for using the equipment.

Power saws of any type can obviously be dangerous. Wearing safety equipment, following use guidelines and using common-sense precautions can also reduce risks when using table saws or other cutting equipment. You should also ensure all coworkers are clear of the cutting area before you turn on the saw, as the noise from the saw makes it difficult to hear anyone approaching.

Source: Popular Mechanics, "The 5 Most Dangerous Tools, And How To Use Them Safely," Doug Mahoney, accessed July 29, 2016

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