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Texas industries with most fatal accidents

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes fatal workplace accident statistics for each state each year. It breaks those statistics down by industry and job type as well as by a number of demographics. In 2014, the BLS reports that there were 531 fatal job-related accidents reported in the state of Texas, with 501 men and 30 women dying in or as a result of workplace incidents.

Almost half of the incidents reported were related to transportation accidents, with others involving falls, contact with objects and exposure to chemicals or fires. A total of 66 of the accidents were associated with violent activity in the workplace.

The industries with the most reported fatal accidents in the state included construction, mining and gas extraction, manufacturing and transportation and warehousing. Construction had the highest reported number of fatal accidents at 107; transportation and warehousing was second with 94. Gas extraction and mining was third with 75 reported fatal accidents and manufacturing reported 52 fatal workplace incidents.

Note that these reports only include accidents which were linked to the death of a worker or someone associated with the incident. The number of overall injuries in all industries is much higher, though likely correlate with the overall spread. Construction, for example, is likely to be one of the higher industries when reporting overall non-fatal injuries too.

It's important to have awareness that you are working in a high-risk environment, but a high-risk job doesn't mean you give up your right to a safe workplace. Employers must take precautions when possible, and if you are hurt on the job, you might be covered by workers' compensation. Working with an attorney can help you understand whether you should receive compensation for your injury.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Fatal occupational injuries in Texas," accessed May 20, 2016

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