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Understanding common construction injuries

One of the most common types of construction injuries happens to be one that employees and employers have the best chance at preventing: slips and falls. Employers can help prevent slips and falls by ensuring a safe, clean area for workers and providing safety equipment for construction workers that have to work at a height. Employees can help reduce falls by following safety precautions, paying attention to surroundings and ensuring they understand how to use all equipment.

Another common injury type on construction sites occurs when workers are hit by objects that are in motion or falling. Objects might be falling from scaffolding, a high shelf or swinging on a pendulum. Awareness of surroundings and following proper safety protocols can help reduce the risk of such injuries, though no employer or worker can completely reduce the risks.

Electrocutions are an injury type that construction workers might deal with more than workers in many other injuries. All workers should be trained in safety with regard to electrical components -- even those who are not electricians or won't be working directly with electrical issues. Employers should also conduct regular inspections to ensure safety of the working environment.

One common injury type on construction sites has less to do with the construction of buildings and more to do with the movement of supplies. Workers are often injured by moving vehicles or while operating such vehicles. These injuries can occur on the road or on the site. Following safety issues and ensuring communication is strong on site can reduce some of these injuries.

Safety protocols can help protect workers, but accidents still happen. Your workers' compensation plan is meant to protect you should safety measures fail. Understanding how to file a compensation claim and seek maximum compensation can help you recover from a workplace injury.

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