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Slip and falls greatly affect health care workers

Health care workers face a variety of hazards at work. Hazards that can lead to slips, falls and trips are some of the hazards that health care workers face. In fact, slips, falls and trips account for around 25 percent of all injury events that health care workers face. Injuries from slips, falls and trips are the second leading cause for days missed in the health care industry.

There are several reasons why employers should ensure that hazards that might lead to trips, falls and slips aren't present in the workplace. The resulting injuries can be serious, which can lead to reduced productivity, a diminished ability to take care of patients and the cost associated with workers' compensation claims.

When a worker slips, falls or trips, there are several injuries that can occur. Strains, sprains, tears and dislocations are at the top of the list for claims made for workers' compensation that were caused by slips, falls and trips. Concussions, contusions and bruises were next on the list, followed by fractures.

The leading cause of all slips, falls and trips in a health care setting is contaminates on the floor. With that in mind, you can see why it is vital for all floors to be cleaned properly. Health care facilities should also use mats and signs to reduce the risk of an accident. Requiring employees to wear slip-resistant shoes is another way to minimize the risk of an accident.

Health care workers who are injured in a slip, trip or fall might need medical care. In some cases, they might miss work. For that reason, it is vital for them to explore their options for holding the health care facility responsible for the accident.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention for Healthcare Workers," accessed May. 28, 2015

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