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DuPont receives citations for fatal accident that killed 4

Keeping the workplace safe is something that employers are responsible for doing. When employers fail to uphold that responsibility, the employees working at the business can get hurt or even killed. A recent story regarding the DuPont facility highlights just how serious a failure to uphold this requirement can be.

Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued citations for 11 violations to DuPont. This was in response to a quadruple fatality that occurred in the company's LaPorte pesticide unit. The fines associated with those violations are proposed at $99,000.

The fatal accident occurred on Nov. 15 when methyl mercaptan gas was released into the facility after a worker opened a drain line. This gas depresses the central nervous system and can affect the respiratory system. Death is usually caused by respiratory paralysis. Three workers who were killed in the incident didn't have protective respirators when the incident occurred. A fourth worker went to get masks and equipment, but he also succumbed to the gas.

OSHA says that DuPont didn't have the proper safety procedures in place to prevent those four deaths. It was noted that if the company had properly assessed the dangers or trained employees properly, the four victims may have had a chance to survive.

One former OSHA official says this a slap on the wrist for the company. She notes that this just poked holes in the company's veneer of safety. DuPont, however, says that safety is a core value and priority.

These workers' family members have to live without their loved ones now. Anyone who faces a similar situation might opt to pursue compensation for his or her loved one's death.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "OSHA cites DuPont for violations in quadruple fatality accident," Susan Carroll and Lise Olsen, May. 14, 2015

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