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November 2014 Archives

Chemical leak kills 4 workers

A leak at a chemical plant in Texas resulted in the death of four workers on Nov. 15. The fatal accident took place at the DuPont Chemical Refinery's crop unit in La Porte at about 4 a.m. DuPont officials reported that the cause of the deadly chemical leak was not immediately known.

4 workers in treatment following chemical leak in Texas suburb

Workers at the DuPont industrial plant in La Porte responded to a chemical leak of methyl mercaptan on Nov. 15 at 4 a.m. They managed to contain the hazardous chemical within two hours, but according to a DuPont spokesperson, four workers suffered direct exposure and had to undergo treatment. A fifth remained missing, with local officials on the search. A medical and emergency response team were treating three of the workers at the facility while the fourth was hospitalized.

Workers' compensation benefits in Texas for death and burial

When people lose a member of their family because of a workplace accident, they could be entitled to death and burial benefits under workers' compensation, assuming the employer has coverage. Those who could be eligible include the deceased worker's spouse or dependent children, grandchildren, siblings, parents or grandparents. When there is no spouse or dependent relatives to claim benefits, non-dependent parents may be eligible.

What are the TDI-DWC and OIEC?

Workers who suffer injuries on the job in Texas could be entitled to workers' compensation benefits if their employers have the coverage. The Division of Workers' Compensation of the Texas Department of Insurance is tasked with overseeing the distribution of these benefits, while the Office of Injured Employee Counsel is an advocate for injured workers. Both of these are state agencies.

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