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Mine worker deaths increase in 2013

Working in industrial plants and on construction sites in Texas can be very dangerous, as many workers in these fields know. There are heavy machines, unstable structures and extreme environments that make these jobs very difficult. However, that does not mean that employers can allow unsafe conditions to exist if they can be repaired or removed. 

Unfortunately, many workers in these industries face serious threats to their safety every day on the job. In some cases, these threats prove to be fatal. A recent study reported that 46 people working in mines were killed workplace accidents last, which is up from 36 fatalities the year before. Sources suggest that many if not all of the deaths that occurred last year could have been prevented.

The accidents that happened last year were primarily attributed to the machinery that is used in mining. Equipment that is used in these industries must be carefully monitored, properly operated and routinely inspected so that employers and employees know that they are safe and being used correctly. Without these checks in place, a worker can be injured or killed by these dangerous machines.

Sources report that the mine accidents like the ones that caused the 46 deaths last year can be prevented with more attention being paid to safety. Too many underground sites also have inadequate ventilation systems and substandard roofing, which only makes the environment even more dangerous for workers. 

Federal agencies responsible for overseeing the safety of these sites often issue fines to companies in violation of state and federal guidelines, but fines do not necessarily prompt employers to make changes and take accountability for accidents. That is why many workers who are injured on the job or their families choose to take legal action against a negligent party to pursue individual compensation for an accident. Lawsuits and money cannot undo a devastating accident, but they can serve as ways to penalize unsafe parties and compensate victims for damages.

Source: Think Progress, "Workplace Deaths Among Miners Rose In 2013," Bryce Covert, Jan. 7, 2014

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