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Could new laws help prevent industrial explosions?

Working in an industrial environment can put many people at risk of getting catastrophically injured. Heavy pieces of machinery, powerful tools and hazardous chemicals are often shown to be contributing factors in jobsite accidents that can put a worker's life in danger.

Many of us would like to think that everything possible is being done to prevent these industrial accidents, but the truth is that there are people all across Texas who know that more can and should be done to make these sites safer. For example, industrial accident victims and their families argue that improving chemical safety laws could be an effective (and relatively simple) way of making sure that explosions at industrial plants are prevented. 

A number of tragic accidents in Texas and across the country have involved industrial explosions in recent years. Many of them are caused because of combustible dust that reacts with other dangerous chemicals and explode. These incidents can be devastating, as many of them result in fatalities or severe chemical burns.

Preventing these types of accidents should be relatively straightforward. Laws addressing the use of toxic chemicals are largely out-of-date and do not cover many dangerous chemicals, so people argue that updating these laws is essential. There are also people who say that government agencies need to be better about investigating worksite accidents and issuing recommendations for how to safely store and use combustible dusts and chemicals. Others say that better training on the jobsite would also be effective at preventing accidents.

However, each of these parties has pushed at least some of the blame onto others and little action has been taken to address this issue. Because of this, workers have been and will continue to be put in danger of being injured in an industrial explosion. Those who do find themselves in this devastating position may want to consider speaking with an attorney who can help victims and their families pursue appropriate compensation options.

Source: USA Today, "Fatal chemical accidents expose weak federal laws," Wendy Koch, Jan. 29, 2014

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