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January 2014 Archives

Could new laws help prevent industrial explosions?

Working in an industrial environment can put many people at risk of getting catastrophically injured. Heavy pieces of machinery, powerful tools and hazardous chemicals are often shown to be contributing factors in jobsite accidents that can put a worker's life in danger.

Investigators search for cause of fatal industrial accident

A devastating building collapse in another state has resulted in a chaotic aftermath and multiple injuries and fatalities. The accident has left many victims and their families searching for answers as to what was the cause of the frightening collapse. People in Texas who work in a similar environment may be interested in this story, as it is the type of industrial accident that could happen in any state.

Texas welder suffers job injury after auto shop blast

Certain occupations are always risky. For example, welders are at risk every day of suffering burns and other injuries because of the nature of the work that they do. Unfortunately, one welder at a Texas auto shop recently suffered a job injury after a storage tank exploded. As he likely has a lengthy recovery ahead, the welder and his family may be looking into workers' compensation benefits.

Mine worker deaths increase in 2013

Working in industrial plants and on construction sites in Texas can be very dangerous, as many workers in these fields know. There are heavy machines, unstable structures and extreme environments that make these jobs very difficult. However, that does not mean that employers can allow unsafe conditions to exist if they can be repaired or removed. 

Texas factor worker sustains workplace injury, loses arm

Employees all across Texas are likely well aware of how quickly a work accident can occur in any industry. Unfortunately, some work environments are more dangerous than others are, such as factories or construction sites. Recently, one Texas worker experienced a horrific workplace injury after his arm became entangled in

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