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Worker death sheds light on unsafe conditions on Texas work sites

Many people in Texas are aware that construction work can be dangerous. However, this does not mean that employers are allowed to turn a blind eye to state and federal safety requirements. In fact, it should mean that they are strictly complying with regulations and consistently making sure that workers are as safe as possible on the job.

Unfortunately, that does not always happen because of what some people argue is a broken system. In Texas, many people who are hired to work in construction are immigrant laborers and are often fearful that reporting unsafe conditions could get them fired. Employers are aware of this and it can make them less likely to comply with safe practices. Because of this, many construction accidents happen and ultimately injure or kill workers on the site.

Recently, a tragic accident on a Texas construction site prompted workers for a commercial concrete contractor to come together and fight for safer working conditions. According to reports, the accident occurred when one of the workers fell 20 feet into a hold on the jobsite. He was killed in the accident.

Workers argue that the company has a history of penalizing workers who report jobsite accidents and has repeatedly allowed unsafe conditions to exist. Because of this, many workers are fearful of raising concerns and preventable accidents continue to put them in danger. They gathered to raise awareness of these dangerous practices.

Any type of employer or third-party negligence can result in serious and fatal injuries on a construction site, due to the nature of the work. Failed or non-existent safety precautions, defective machines and inadequate training and reporting procedures can put people in danger. But when and if these accidents occur, it is crucial for workers and their families to remember that they have the right to take legal action. They can pursue benefits from workers' compensation or a negligence claim that can help victims and their loved ones recover from a serious construction site accident.

Source: The Mercury, "Worker death fuels protest against unsafe work conditions close to UTD," Pablo Arauz, Nov. 24, 2013

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