Refinery, Plant Accidents And Injuries

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Texans who work in oil refineries — particularly older refineries that are not on-par with new technology — are at risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals, explosions and other dangers. Oil refinery and plant workers are put in harm's way far too often. As events over the last decade has shown the result can be catastrophic, or even deadly. At the law firm of Manuel Gonzales, P.C., my colleagues and I provide skilled workers' compensation help to injured workers.

Were you injured while working at an oil refinery or plant? You need a workers' compensation attorney who can fight the insurance company for the money you deserve. Call my Houston, Texas, law firm today toll-free at 888-470-6967 or locally at 713-664-3600 or San Antonio at 210-764-5235 to schedule your free initial consultation.

You Should Report Your Injury

In my experience as a workers' compensation attorney, I have found that employers, contractors and subcontractors will fight two issues. One, they will dispute the issue of whether the accident happened. And two, they will dispute the severity of the worker's injury, otherwise known as an extent of injury dispute.

Injured refinery and plant workers may face retaliation or have limits placed on their future employment contracts. This is why injuries are often disputed. Other employees and managers have to report official accidents. A serious oil refinery accident is therefore a "recordable" situation that can affect them adversely. This is why they tell you, "Don't report it."

My law firm encourages you to stand up for your rights and report the injury. We can help you throughout the entire process of pursuing workers' compensation benefits. We seek the maximum benefit amounts you are entitled to, for all injuries you sustain in the course and scope of employment.

We also handle wrongful death claims involving oil and plant refinery accidents or toxic exposure.

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