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Residential and commercial construction sites are filled with activity. Often, several different contractors are on-site at the same time. And, even if a team is not at the job site, their equipment or any dangerous condition they did not remedy can be present. Construction workers can sustain work injuries caused by their employer's negligence and third party negligence. If this has happened to you, turn to the law firm of Manuel Gonzales, P.C., for skilled help with a workers' compensation claim.

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Types of Construction Site Accidents

The law firm of Manuel Gonzales, P.C., skillfully pursues workers' compensation benefits for many different types of construction site accidents. We are aware of the risks posed to construction workers and know that when an employer overlooks safety standards, serious injury and death can occur. Talk to us if you or a loved one has sustained an injury, or was killed, because of any of the following:

  • Crane accident
  • Electrocution
  • Explosion
  • Forklift accident
  • Heavy equipment and machinery accident
  • Ladder fall
  • Scaffold fall
  • Toxic chemical exposure

What Type of Injury Do You Have?

Construction accidents can result in serious, life-altering injuries. In some cases, permanent injury can occur. Permanent injuries can include the following:

  • Loss of sight
  • Amputation
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Third degree burns

Other types of injuries that may or may not result in permanent disability include the following:

  • Head injury
  • Neck injury
  • Back injury
  • Broken bones

The attorneys at my firm seek maximum workers' compensation benefits for the type of injury you have sustained. The level of workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to will depend upon the permanency of your injury.

Whose Fault is It?

If your construction site injury was caused by someone other than a coworker or your employer, my law firm can pursue a third party liability claim on your behalf. A third party claim can be pursued in addition to your workers' compensation benefits.

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