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Under Texas workers' compensation laws, if you are hurt while working, you are entitled to certain types of income and medical benefits. Your employer's insurance company is obligated to pay you all reasonable and necessary medical benefits for injuries, as well as benefits to replace your lost wages.

Insurance companies commonly look for ways to deny workers' compensation claims. They make their profits by denying, delaying or distorting claims. In my opinion, they make their profits by collecting premiums and not paying out benefits.

The law firm of Manuel Gonzales, P.C., will fight the insurance company for the money you deserve. If you have been hurt at work and need help obtaining a work injury settlement, talk to my law firm.

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We Help You Understand Workers' Compensation Benefits

Remember, workers' compensation is no-fault insurance. It does not matter if you were violating a company policy, not lifting properly, etc. when your injury occurred. You are still covered under workers' compensation laws.

Talk to one of the attorneys at my firm today for help with any of the following:

  • Third party claims arise when a worker's on-the-job injury is caused by the negligence of a third party. A third party is any person other than a co-worker and/or any entity other than the employer.
  • Do you have questions about the types of workers' compensation benefits you can receive? My law firm provides you with some basics about the different types of compensation.
  • Were you injured in a refinery or plant accident? You may have been warned against reporting the injury. However, it is in your best interest to report the injury and seek legal help.
  • Were you injured while working at a construction site? Whether you sustained a head injury, neck injury, back injury or other type of injury, my law firm will fight for the benefits you deserve.
  • Were you injured in an industrial accident? We represent workers who have sustained catastrophic injuries while working in places such as breweries, grain elevators and sugar refinery plants.
  • What happens when your employer does not have workers' compensation insurance? You may be able to sue your employer directly.

If you were injured at work and would like to speak with an attorney about a workers' compensation claim, call the law firm of Manuel Gonzales, P.C., to schedule your free initial consultation. We can be reached toll free at 888-470-6967 or locally at 713-664-3600 or San Antonio at 210-764-5235. You can also contact my firm online.

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